Rosemary and Beauty Queen

A Fundraiser for RBQ Staff

Home Alone: A Fundraiser for RBQ Staff

In an effort to raise some funds to keep the Rosemary staff afloat thru the pandemic, we’ve invited a few of our closest COVID-19-immune, not-exactly-human homies to hang at the bar while you tune in, turn up, and hang out with us from a safe social distance. The bar will be slinging to-go cocktails curbside and the R-BE-Q Food Truck will be open for pick-up and delivery, 5pm-2am. Music brought to you by j.howard & Jim O’Shea, live-streaming to you via Vimeo with dedicated audio from the mixer - not the mic on our phones - so hook up your headphones or your house speakers and jam out with us for a while on Saturday.

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